Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rob Bell - Everything is Spiritual

For those of you who don't know about Rob Bell, I suggest you find out. He has been putting out a series of very well done short films under the name Nooma. Each of these is a 10-15 minute teaching or sermon done with impeccable taste, excellent music, and exquisite cinematography. Any of them are well worth checking out.

More recently, however, Rob has turned his attention to doing longer teachings and taking them around the country. The first of these (Everything is Spiritual) has made its way onto a DVD which I just acquired last week.

This is a wonderful piece of Apologetic teaching, very well researched and very accessible at the same time. It is thoroughly grounded in scripture but also makes excellent use of science. Instead of posing science against faith, he integrates the two things and shows how they are compatible. We can't box God out of the realm of science because he created everything and therefore he is the very ground upon which all science stands. I suggest you check it out and buy an extra copy for your favorite scientist.

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