Friday, March 11, 2005


I recently heard a missionary speak of his experience in Uganda. He said that one of the things which most stuck with him was a statement that he heard over and over again from Ugandan Christians. "When we pray give us this day our daily bread, we are really praying that God would give us bread to eat today."

As Americans, our understanding of God's provision is limited. While I, as a seminarian, don't like the idea that I need to take student loans to pay for my expenses, I never have to worry about where I will sleep or what I will eat. I feel extremely blessed by this fact, but I do wonder if I am missing out on seeing the ways that Gods provides for me every day. I don't know that there is a solution for this save for praying that God would show me these blessings. By opening our eyes, we become more aware of the ways in which God supports us in all that we do and in every breath we breath. Maybe it is simply the word "Thankyou" that is necessary.