Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our New House (Almost)

Carrie and I are now about two weeks from closing on a house. It is really a pretty amazing story. We had been looking at some other houses, and we even got ourselves into a contract on one before noticing that it was a mess of a house (Thank God for Richard Malin, the best house inspector in the world!). After all of that, Carrie and I decided it was time to take a break for awhile.

That break lasted all of about two weeks. Our friend and real estate agent called us up on a Monday morning and said, "I know you aren't looking for a house anymore, but you've gotta see this!" We reluctantly agreed to see it the next Saturday. From that point on we were in love. Check our these pictures and you will see why.

Our New House

The house has passed the inspection to our satisfaction, and we are just working through a few plumbing issues with the company that owns it (it was a foreclosure). But assuming everything goes well, we will close on the 27th.