Saturday, January 28, 2006


I realize this is a bit late, but I thought I should talk a little about our experience last week in Seattle. As with England, the main purpose of our trip was to look into the emerging church conversation, trying to get a better idea of what the movement is about. Unlike England, this time we were only visiting one Church, Church of the Apostles (COTA) and their Pastor/Abbess, Karen Ward. We had a wonderful time, and I would like to thank Karen and all of the Apostles for their hospitality.

We first became interested in this group through their website, which is fabulous. As we poked around, we realized that this was a group that really understands what it means to be a community. We then discovered the CD, "Ordo," which they put out and we were hooked.

Their weekly worship is fascinating. They have taken the basic Ordo of a mass, and then done some things to make it distinctly contemporary and fitting to their context in Freemont. The service is much less formal than you would find in a traditional Episcopal/Lutheran church, but I think most people from either of these traditions would recognize the basic pattern of worship. Scripture is read and responded to, there is a sermon (followed by interactive stations to engage the message), the community prays for themselves and the world, and then they celebrate the Eucharist.

I am excited to see what the future holds for their ministry!

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mark said...

I was bored in my room on a Saturday morning, so I decided to check out the webpage for Nashotah House. As I was browsing the webpage, I decided to read the latest edition of their newsletter that was available on their website. So, as I was browsing through it, I saw a picture of you and Carrie (and another couple) with a wedding cake. Seeing the picture of you two reminded me of how much fun it was to hang out with you in Seattle, so I thought I would try to see if I could find your contact information. So, I Googled your names and the first result was the link to your blog. I decided, then, to leave a comment to just say "Hello!" and that I hope you are doing well and getting readjusted to life back at school after all of your globe trekking adventures.
Anyway, have a great weekend and pass my "Hello!" on to Carrie, as well!
talk to you later,